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Property Services Enterprise Inc. (PSE-INC) aims at becoming a leading property management company in the condominium community. Our goal is to make the lives of the residents living in Property Services Enterprise Inc. Managed buildings comfortable and enjoyable. These objectives match with the targets of the Condominiums we manage. It is achieved by implementing a variety of specific objectives developed in concert with our Boards. We find that residents are most satisfied in condominiums that deliver property services in a cost effective manner, ensure that the condominium is financially sound in respect of its reserve fund and operating fund balances, provide a quality living environment and a sense of belonging through proper communication, social activities and staffs that are dedicated to provide quality customer service.

Owing to the fact that we are a well respected, progressive company, we do attract very qualified, career-minded managers. But our Managers don’t stop learning when they reach our door. Our ongoing program of Professional Development ensures that our staff members are kept up to date on current legislation, maintenance techniques, legal and insurance issues and other aspects of the day-to-day condominium management function. We believe that this investment in our staff directly benefits our clients. Our company continues to be recognized and awarded for our level of service across all types of building facilities, including condo, multi-family and single family rental properties. We cater our property management services for everything from luxury high-rises, quaint townhouse complexes, affordable housing, commercial, industrial, heritage landmarks and communities that aren’t yet constructed. We bring unbeatable market expertise, unparalleled personal commitment, intelligence and a passion for making your communities, investments and projects better.

We have an excellent track record with regard to the accounting function, timely and accurate financial reporting, budgets and investment advice. We also introduce a strict set of internal checks and balances, so that for expenditures made on your condominium corporation’s behalf, your Directors can sign every cheque with confidence.

At Property Services Enterprise Inc. it is our goal to investigate and implement energy saving measures, and the acquisition of a computerized management system to enable Managers and Directors speedy access to condominium documents, Technical Reports, Reserve Fund Studies and updates, Board minutes, AGM minutes, Auditor's Reports, Manager's Reports etc.

A key area, in which Property Services Enterprise Inc. Can have a most positive impact on your bottom line, is our buying power. Because of our size and our influence in the marketplace, we command and receive bulk discounts, preferred pricing and priority service on behalf of our clients. 

But perhaps the most important aspect of our business, is the human aspect. We understand that this is, after all, a people business. We go out of our way to employ friendly, capable and respectful staff members, and we certainly believe that in order for us to be successful, the “marriage” between the Manager, the Board of Directors and the residents, is of utmost importance.

We pride ourselves on constantly offering the highest level of service and providing superior living experiences for our residents. We invite you to visit any of our communities to find a home that meets and exceeds your needs.


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